Creative Conflab

Creative Conflab is a podcast created by your host, Tara Joy Andrews. I’ve always been creative and have always been curious about where that creative energy comes from in all of us.

This podcast is about having deep and honest conversations about creativity, art, design, and craft. My hope is that you will get some inspiration and motivation from listening to this podcast to get creative in your own way. Creativity is in all of us.

Join us, we’re making things!


Latest Episodes

EP8 – Celebrating your accomplishments, focusing on what you’re good at and asking for more with guest Andrea Janzen

In episode eight, I chat with leadership coach and diversity consultant Andrea Janzen about why we undervalue what we know and do. We chat about celebrating your accomplishments, that icky feeling when you send big estimates and quotes, and how to get mor

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EP7 – Setting intentions, rethinking negativity and awesome island with guest Codie Lea

In episode seven, I dig deep with Codie Lea, a bodymind & soul coach and fellow artist about setting intentions, rethinking negativity and striving towards your own personal awesome island.

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E6 – Tips to get unstuck from a creative block solo episode

In episode six, I talk about some of my methods to get unstuck when I feel a creative block happening. A short solo episode to give you a little creative boost.

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Your Host, Tara Joy Andrews

Tara is an illustrator and graphic designer that runs her own small business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

She loves expressing herself using her creative talents and is constantly learning new creative crafts and experimenting with different techniques.

A few of her talents besides art and design include photography, linocut, bookbinding, crochet (both granny squares and amigurumi), drawing, journaling, writing snail mail letters, painting with watercolours or acrylics, cat whispering, and indoor gardening.