Creative Conflab

Creative Conflab is a podcast created by your host, Tara Joy Andrews. I’ve always been creative and have always been curious about where that creative energy comes from in all of us.

This podcast is about having deep and honest conversations about creativity, art, design, and craft. My hope is that you will get some inspiration and motivation from listening to this podcast to get creative in your own way. Creativity is in all of us.

Join us, we’re making things!


Latest Episodes

EP15 – Creativity as self-care and teaching creativity with Alka Chopra

In episode fifteen, I chat with registered dietician, certified diabetes educator, technology addict and creativity lover, Alka Chopra. We chat about incorporating creativity into our self-care routines, where her love of technology and teaching started,

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EP14 – Creativity, Compassion and Joy with guest Meryl Cook

In episode fourteen, I have a powerful chat with Meryl Cook about creativity, how it has shaped her business, and how courage and resilience through creativity is something that makes everyone happier and more confident.

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EP-13 – Creative Business, imposter syndrome and making great work with author Russel Nohelty

In episode thirteen, I chat with USA Today bestselling author, fellow podcaster and author of "How to Build Your Creative Career", Russel Nohelty. We chat about the main areas to focus on to build your creative business, some struggles creatives have, and

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Reasons you are awesome printable PDF

After my conversation with Andrea Janzen for episode eight, I made this free printable PDF to get you celebrating your accomplishments!

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Stamp Chat with American Philatelic Society

Halifax graphic artist, illustrator and designer, Ms. Tara Joy Andrews joins us on Stamp Chat to talk about how to create "artistamps". Artistamps, also known as "Cinderellas", are a fun way to add charm,...

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EP4 – Subconscious and mindfulness with Laura Lake

Episode Links Laura’s Facebook page Solopreneur Facebook page Laura’s Instagram Laura’s Twitter Transcript Welcome to Creative Conflab, where we have honest conversations about creativity, art, design, and craft. Ready to get started? Let’s go!...

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EP3 – Creative processes and #communitycolours with Pierre Tabbiner

In episode three, I chat with Pierre Tabbiner about our creative processes, working on analog projects, discuss how people are shifting their marketing and advertising, and an awesome community colouring project #CommunityColours.

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EP2 – Art therapy & mandalas with guest Katie Hanczaryk

In episode 2, I have an informative and honest chat with Katie Hanczaryk who works at the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre (@centreavalon) about why our brains are not letting us be creative right now....

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EP1 – Welcome to Creative Conflab

A warm welcome to Creative Conflab. A short episode with a little background about the show and what it will be about.

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Your Host, Tara Joy Andrews

Tara is an illustrator and graphic designer that runs her own small business in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

She loves expressing herself using her creative talents and is constantly learning new creative crafts and experimenting with different techniques.

A few of her talents besides art and design include photography, linocut, bookbinding, crochet (both granny squares and amigurumi), drawing, journaling, writing snail mail letters, painting with watercolours or acrylics, cat whispering, and indoor gardening.